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Posted by sherry on February 04, 2004 at 17:53:49:

In Reply to: Re: Child Care Dilemma posted by John on August 07, 2003 at 14:52:30:

As a child care privider, I find this solution apalling! I find it sad that parents are willing to sacrifice the apparent need of their own children to sleep in excahange for their own selfish gain. Obviously the child would not be sleeping if they were not tired. Furthermore, If the child doesn't go to sleep at night maybe it is a matter of dicipline at home. However I understand some kids are very hard to get to go to sleep no matter what you do, I had a child like that. Maybe the extra time the child is awake should be looked at as a precious gift of time to spend catching up with them after a long day apart. I apologize if I sound harsh but this response really bothered me because as a child care worker and mother of 3, I and my co-workers work our tails offto make lives better for parents and the children we love and care for. To threaten someone who is caring for your most precious posession and hopefully cares about them very deeply just because they are cuing into the child's needs, in other words doing what they are supposed to be doing, makes me sick. If this is someone you feel is not caring for your child in the way that you want, then that is another issue. There are sadly enough some people who basically rake in the money and do very little with the children. However most child care providers make very little after expenses for opening their hearts and homes to children. If you like this person, and your child probably does have a bond with them, please don't risk losing a good thing over something so small. Consider a gentler approach. If i were in the caregiver's shoes and someone approached me like this I would show them the door. There are many more children and parents to fill the spot that would have more respect. Sadly, I would miss the child very much.