Daughter exposed to violence!

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Posted by Lani on April 13, 2004 at 01:13:01:

I am 27, I have never been in any type of problems before, but, two years ago I got a raise at work and there was a co-worker that constantly picked on me by throwing remarks that later leaded to threats towards me. I wrote letters and notified my supervisor and this only made things worst. One day my daughter (5) at the time was with me late in the office, and out of nowhere the co-worker appeared, she was so angry she threatened to "break my neck and burst my head". She said these things in the presence of my daughter, I took my daughter and we left immediately, I never brought her back there with me again EVER. I have a pending situation with my job now.

A year ago I got into a real bad choice relationship with a guy. He became obsessive, I never invited him to my place but one night He came uninvited (I live below my mother). He tried to spite me by telling my mother horrible things and lies about me, he and I ended up in a big argument and I took him to court for my safety. Sadly, my daughter witnesses this.

Becuase of all the things that are going in my life now, I am now annoyed fast and depress and my relationship with my mother and sister is now sour. She is younger than me and we now can't stand each other, we get at it and sadly, my daughter witnesses it.
I am planning to MOVE.

Now recently, a close family member is being physically abused by her husband. Tonight she came by me to talk and her husband followed and confronted her outside my home. They almost got into a huge fight, even when I threatened to call the police he did not leave, eventually he left but after he called me some seriously offensive names. I accompanied this family member to the police to file a report. Sadly, you guessed it happened so fast, she witnessed it.

I feel like such a horrible mother, where did all these issues and violence come from?? My daughter is now (7) I am upset and in tears at this moment because I wish she was not exposed to these things. I want to move from here as soon as possible, but is my baby girl already damaged, why why why :( I am losing sleep, it hurts to much. I want to just die.